2016-01-08 / Letters

More questions arising over removal of Mousam River dams

To the editor:

As more Kennebunk residents become aware of the potential plan to remove the hydro-producing dams by Kennebunk Light and Power, more questions are arising about the benefits vs. detriments of such actions.

While heavily-funded groups lobby for removal with arguments that are laced with distorted numbers and outright untruths, but a smaller growing contingency of Kennebunk residents wants the town of Kennebunk to take back control of the dams. This would ensure a longer time to make a fair decision by the selectmen or voters and not just by a utility whose concern is solely financial and its only responsibility is to their ratepayers.

Another nearby small town is now sorry that it was swayed to remove its dam by these same one-sided groups. Assurances of a free-flowing river have been replaced with the reality of a rocky mud stream, still abandoned by previous wildlife.

While Kennebunk Light and Power has diligently worked on this issue and the time spent by its board is truly appreciated, even they have stated that they want to be done with this process. The board members are inherently required by their positions to do what is best for their utility and not for residents, river-users, history, wildlife, or our town as a whole.

The beauty of this river can never be recaptured if the decision to destroy it is made just by the board of a biased utility.

Patricia Hughes

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