2015-12-25 / Letters

Shouldn’t seniors have input with town?

To the editor:

It was with great dismay that I read the second of two stories which have appeared in the Post about the proposed AARP Senior Survey. The nonprofit group, No Place Like Home, has good intentions, perhaps presented in a clumsy way. However, this should not have prevented the survey from being funded.

I do not understand why seniors should not have some input into the direction the town is taking in terms of comprehensive planning. As our seniors age in place, as many of them wish to do, there will eventually arise a need for affordable housing for them and their caregivers. At the moment, there is virtually no affordable housing built to accommodate the elderly in Kennebunk; likewise, there is little property which could house nurses, caregivers and support staff for the elderly.

We will have to think “in terms of providing services to the citizens,” as Barry Tibbetts stated.

It is truly unfortunate that the selectmen of Kennebunk do not realize the pressing need for information that will be needed in the future. There will come a time when we as a community will have to address the needs of our elderly, whether it be for aging at home, transportation, meals and long term care. The number of aging citizens 65 and older is only going to grow and we need to be able to address a possible crisis in the future. It would be better to plan wisely now for that eventuality.

Bevan Davies

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