2015-12-18 / Community

How can I keep myself and my family healthy?

Coastal Wellness offers many treatment options that allow you to determine the best way to improve and maintain good health throughout the year. Dr. Kaylee Cooper utilizes safe and e!ective chiropractic adjustments to remove nervous system interference, reduce pain, improve motion and achieve optimal function, as well as whole food nutrition protocols to help your body heal from the inside out. Dr. Beth Stockwell provides holistic primary care providing individualized treatments for a variety of acute and chronic illnesses including digestion issues, Lyme disease, anxiety, insomnia, high cholesterol, allergies, fatigue and autoimmune issues. Sue Dancil, LMT focuses her practice on maximizing movement and reducing pain by increasing circulation through manual techniques, neuromuscular re-education (A.D.A.P.T.), low level laser technology, pulsed electromagnetic "eld device, and cellular regeneration. Ursula Schmidt, LAc e!ectively treats pain, allergies, asthma, stress, gynecological and fertility issues and digestive disorders with acupuncture, a unique form of healthcare that views the physical, emotional and mental condition of a person as interdependent.

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