2015-11-20 / Letters

Don’t hold the river water prisoner

To the editor:

There has been a lot of angst expressed about what the Mousam River will look like if the Kennebunk Light and Power dams are removed. Is the fear of the unknown worse than the reality?

On Nov. 4, the Mousam River was drawn down to test the sediments at the Kesslen Dam. Is this what the river will look like if there are no dams? No. If one turns off a faucet, of course the water stops. The water flowing over the Twine Mill and Perkins dam must match the natural flow to mimic what the Mousam will look like without dams

To see what the natural water flow on a restored river will look like, look at the Mousam below the Route 1 bridge. I have fished and walked that section of the river and even in the summer it is an attractive stretch of pools and riffles.

Yes, the river will be different. The experience in other places where dams have been removed shows that vegetation will quickly be restored to mud flats leaving sand bars and ledges open. The view will change but it will be still be scenic.

More importantly letting the river run free will restore an ecosystem that has been unnaturally manipulated for centuries.

Curtis A. Mildner

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