2015-11-20 / Community

Synaptic Chiropractic

Got stress? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness.

We all deal with stress every day and often it becomes our “normal.” Make the shift to health with better stress management for the whole family. Families dealing with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, headaches, autoimmune issues and more see positive results in our office. Come visit Synaptic Chiropractic for a Stress Response Evaluation today and we will show you how well your brain handles stress, how well it recovers, and what you can do to improve both.

Don’t let your family be a statistic. Call our office today to make an appointment! You are worth it!

690 Stroudwater St. Westbrook, ME 04092

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