2015-10-30 / Letters

Additional, larger signs are not needed along Route 1

To the editor:

Do we really need bigger signs on Route 1, Question No. 1? The short answer is no.

With all the navigational GPS devices out there, larger signs are not the way to go. They will only block more of your vision on an already busy route.

Do you want to pay higher taxes? If the answer is no then vote no on Question 2.

Expanding the Lower Village TIF will raise our taxes. Why? Because, TIFs don’t pay for a fire truck replacement, better roads nor salary increases and other regular expenses that can only be paid out of our town taxes.

If you take more money out of the general fund and put it in the TIF, our taxes go up.

On the other hand, Question 4, needs a yes vote because everyone can benefit.

The payback is at least 5:1 or it may not cost the taxpayers anything. If the land trust does not raise enough money, then the money will not be spent.

Please take the time to vote now or on Nov 3.

Cindi and Lionel Menard

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