2015-10-09 / Letters

Residents have chance to protect woodlands

To the editor:

Did you know that by spending a halfhour of your time you have an opportunity to protect forever 111 acres of beautiful woodlands and fields with one mile of river frontage on the Mousam River right here in Kennebunk.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to guarantee that you and the community would have the right to enjoy this property forever.

Yep, we can all enjoy the river, the wildlife and walking in the fields and woods, if we all take one simple step.

All you have to do is vote yes on Item 4 on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at Kennebunk Town Hall.

Here’s the deal. The Kennebunk Land Trust has secured the option to buy this property and protect it from development forever.

They have launched a campaign to raise the funds needed ($600,000) to buy this beautiful natural property.

The town (with our community input) determined years ago in its master plan and open space plan that this property should remain in natural open space.

The town has actually committed to set aside funds each year to help acquire and preserve just this type of property. At last we have the opportunity to spend this money as it was intended.

If we approve spending $100,000 from the open space account and town surplus reserves, the land trust will raise $500,000 from individual donors to match it.


It’s good for our property values, offers great educational opportunities, helps protect our water supply and gives us another place to enjoy the out of doors, right here at home.

Check it out at www.kennebnklandtrust.org.

And, if you want to do just a little bit more, make your own contribution to the Kennebunk Land Trust to support this campaign for everyone’s benefit. I know I will.

Thanks for joining your friends and neighbors in this great initiative.

Jay Kilbourn

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