2015-08-21 / Letters

As it pertains to mill: Just the facts, ma’am

To the editor:

Please note this correction to the article on the Perkins Grist Mill in Kennebunkport (Aug. 14, 2015).

If restored, the Perkins Mill will not be “… the only working grist mill powered by tidal action in all of North America …”

The proud and splendid, 1700-era Saddle Rock Grist Mill in Great Neck, (Long Island) New York is the oldest continually operating tidal grist mill in the United States.

It was used to grind corn and other grains. The mill is listed in the Federal Historical Landmark Registry.

It is owned and operated by Nassau County as a working museum open to the public.

Fact checking is a virtue.

Susan A. Bloomfield West Kennebunk

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