2015-07-10 / Community

Selectmen agree to land swap

By Duke Harrington Staff Writer

KENNEBUNKPORT — The Kennebunkport Board of Selectmen has given its blessing to a land swap that will give 2.67 acres of town-owned land to a local homeowner intent on subdividing his property.

The agreement, adopted at the June 25 board meeting, increases the house lot on Goose Rocks Road owned by Mark Terry from 6.53 to 9.2 acres, giving him enough land under local zoning rules to split off a parcel for construction of another home. The new acreage does include a 1.5-acre right-ofway deeded to Central Maine Power, given to Terry in order to provide him with adequate road frontage from the new lot.

Meanwhile, the town property will decrease from 47.2 acres to 44.53, a difference that also includes the shift of the CMP corridor. Despite the loss of town land, Chairman Sheila Matthews-Bull said the deal meets the goal set by selectmen last year when Terry first approached them with his proposal. Some of the land ceded by Terry will serve to join the Jullian Howard Memorial Parcel to the Town Forest parcel on Goose Rocks Road, while maintaining as much un- disturbed road frontage as possible on Goose Rocks and Log Cabin roads.

“When we looked at this, we tried to get the best of both worlds in terms on an equal swap,” Planning Director Werner Gilliam explained when presenting proposed boundary lines to selectmen. “But what we found once we got into the wetlands delineation was that an exact acre-for-acre swap just wasn’t feasible.”

“Are you happy with this?” Selectman Allen Daggett asked.

“Based on the direction I was given, I think this meets both goals. I think this is a very easy layout to understand,” Gilliam said. “The lines aren’t as tight as they could be. Maybe they could be tweaked a little bit, but it’s minimal at best in terms of what you would gain.”

That seemed to satisfy selectmen, who voted 3-0 (with Patrick Briggs and Edward Hutchins absent) to endorse the land swap.

According to Matthews-Bull, the public parcels, now linked, will remain as open space. Nothing more than a walking trail will be built there, she said.

“I don’t think we’re going to do anything with it, not in the near future,” Daggett agreed.

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