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Don’t fall for same old election sign rhetoric

To the editor:

As soon as I saw the pro-RSU bond signs invoke “Our Children” rhetoric, all I could think of were stories told by my late grandmother about previous battles against the fantasy that Kennebunk is a wealthier community than it actually is.

One of the proposals for the 1955 renovation was for a motorized gymnasium floor/swimming pool, modeled after Beverly Hills High as featured in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Thankfully, it was defeated. That one historic pool still stands, but most other schools that fell for the fad ended up cementing them in because of maintenance and safety concerns.

Back then it was, ‘Don’t you want your kids to have the best?’

The answer hasn’t changed: Within reason, and we still are not Beverly Hills.

More recently, I was in the first Sea Road School class. I was also part of the student group assigned to lead community tours of the new building.

The tour was structured from the “neat” to the “wow.” The extensive telephone network. The dollar amounts spent on various artwork. The moving wall between the gym and cafeteria (that broke down constantly). The finale: The talking security system. No ordinary siren for our trespassers.

After the hoopla subsided, I learned one of those life lessons when teachers had to explain that we had the same outdated textbooks, the same broken art supplies (which the teacher had to purchase themselves to begin with), and the expensive specialty rooms turned into generic overflow space.

Mildred Day and Consolidated were dilapidated 25 years ago. We should be ashamed we have let them get in their current state and more ashamed that we are holding them hostage now to a bloated Kennebunk schools project.

Education does not get better the more you spend on buildings. Don’t fall for it again.

Adam Perkins

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