2015-05-29 / Letters

RSU 21 school construction project needs to pass

To the editor:

I am writing in support for the projects being presented to the voters. First I will say, I do not have any children in the school system.

This spring I took an adult education class in the high school, which was my first opportunity to go inside the building.

I was embarrassed with what I saw. I was so embarrassed that I took photos to show my wife.

The town told the school committee last year that the costs were too high and they listened.

I totally understand that a facility does not directly educate our children, but it sure does help. Now is the time to do it.

Construction costs will not be lower than now. Bonding costs will not be lower than now.

The need is there now.

Some will say I don’t have kids in the schools anymore. That is not a reason to not support this project. There is no way your tax dollars paid when your kids were in school paid the true cost of their education. Businesses and taxpayers without children in school paid a large portion of those costs.

It is our responsibility to provide an excellent education for our kids and safe and efficient facilities for our kids.

If you have not taken a look at these building, arrange for a visit and you will not believe your eyes.

The kids are our future. Let’s pay it forward on voting day.

Bob Wester

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