2015-05-15 / Letters

Undecided on school vote? Tour the schools

To the editor:

Taxpayers take notice: residents of Kennebunk/Arundel/Kennebunkport are you aware RSU 21 is highly recognized and awarded for their academics year after year? Are you aware that this recognition brings families from around the country to obtain this top-notch education and bring strength into our communities?

Before committing to the move, families will often tour our schools. Sadly, many are surprised to see some of the conditions some of these schools are in and end up looking elsewhere. As taxpayers we should feel obligated to keep our hard-working staff and students in a functional, safe and healthy environment.

We cannot put this off any longer. The needs are real and have to be addressed. This isn’t just about the money, this is about the future of our communities and the safety of our students and staff that work very hard to continuously reach these difficult and highly recognized achievements.

On June 9 you will be asked to vote on the renovations of our schools. I will be voting yes. I urge anyone who is undecided due to the tax increase posed to please tour one or all of these three schools desperately needing renovation to see the immediate needs and safety issues.

Dorothy Gregoire

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