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Farm hasn’t been contacted by the town

To the editor:

It is known and expected that a farm or other business is entitled to a fair and unbiased hearing before a town planning board. What you do not expect is for the planning board and the town planner to engage in conferences prior to and in advance of the permit hearing that discusses and tacitly decides the permit or renewal application. This is exactly what occurred in the town of Arundel in relation to Dubois Livestock’s renewal application for its agricultural composting operation.

It was just recently discovered that on Jan. 15, 2015, the Arundel town planner, Tad Redway, raised the issue of Dubois Livestock’s renewal/permit at the planning board meeting. The planning board and town planner caucus resulted in the biased and prejudicial predetermination and prejudgment of our composting renewal application. See the town planning board meeting video of Jan. 15, 2015, at 1 hour, 59 minutes. Tad Redway criticized and condemned our composting renewal application, which detrimentally and discriminatorily influenced and manipulated our right to a fair and unbiased hearing, review and determination of our renewal permit.

There was no notice to us that our permit application was going to be deliberated and procedurally and categorically assassinated by Tad Redway and the Arundel Planning Board. In fact, we were never informed that our renewal application had been discussed by the planning board. The meeting between the Arundel planner and the planning board did reveal the continued intent of the town of Arundel to vilify our farming operations and undermine our composting operation. We are not villains.

We take fish waste residuals that would end up in some landfill and transform them into a rich, organic shellfish compost that causes plants to grow and flourish. Our composting methods turn what was once waste product into a nutrient-rich, useful material that never again turns in a “residual” that needs recycling. We do all of this on 6 acres of land that is surrounded by over 100 acres of grassland fields from which we harvest over 200 tons of hay.

Even though we hand-delivered our renewal application for agricultural composting on Dec. 9, 2014, we have never been contacted about he matter by the town of Arundel in any capacity. We are certain that the Arundel Planning Board is so tainted, poisoned and corrupted against us that we will not be able to acquire our due process fair and impartial hearing.

Unfortunately, this abuse of regulatory power by Arundel is a continued and chronic pattern that has been perpetrated against us for years. For further and more complete and concise information, please visit our website www.duboislivestockandexcavating.com.

Randy Dubois

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