2015-04-03 / Letters

Too much at stake for residents to give up on beach fight

To the editor:

The Maine State Supreme Court, in their recent decision, gave the town the unique opportunity to continue its effort to secure permanent public access to Goose Rocks Beach. The town can and should continue its defense against the beachfront plaintiffs who want to independently control the use of Goose Rocks Beach in front of their houses.

We should support the town in its efforts to maintain our right to use this beach.

If we fail to secure public access to Goose Rocks Beach, current and future landowners can prevent or limit use of the beach in front of their houses at any time.

Once the decision on this case is final, the opportunity for the town to protect recreational access will be gone forever. There is too much at stake for the families and friends of Kennebunkport residents to give up.

Please join us in support of the actions by the board of selectmen to ensure continued public recreational use of Goose Rocks Beach.

Steve Painter, Ann Corbey
Groton, Massachusetts

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