2015-03-27 / Letters

Speed limit sign is ignored by motorists

To the editor:

Although York Street is U.S. Route 1, it is still a street in my town.

The speed limit sign near Hall Street seems to be invisible, as very few people drop to 25 mph unless they have a red light at High Street.

I have nearly been struck three times while trying to cross York Street in the past six months (in the safe crosswalks) by drivers who wouldn’t, or in one case, couldn’t, stop for me.

Children wait for the school bus, older folks have a morning walk and neighbors walk their dogs. It is frightening to see cars and trucks moving through that section of street at 40-plus mph, with tunnel vision.

Until there is a regular police presence from 6:30 to 8:30, and tickets are issued, I can’t foresee any change in this dangerous situation.

In the meanwhile, I will do my part to slow traffic.

The Rev. Charles Grindle


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