2015-03-20 / Business

“Spring Into Sound” Voice Workshop For Women Begins April 4

Patricia Mulholland of “Be Your Note” Music Therapy Services is offering a voice workshop series for women, “Spring Into Sound,” at Village Yoga in Lower Village Kennebunk beginning Saturday, April 4. A board certified music therapist in private practice, Patricia brings a breadth of experience working with individuals using voice as a therapeutic modality and is particularly passionate about working with women. “Our voice and our relationship to it – our vocal presence -- signals how we feel about ourselves and can determine how we are perceived by others. In my 25 years of working in the business and academic contexts, and more recently in the clinical one, I have witnessed how an individual’s comfort or discomfort with this vital part of herself impacts her personal and professional life.”

Other focus areas of her practice include working with patients and families living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and patients in neuro-rehabilitation. She offers group music therapy in a number of healthcare facilities and wellness settings and sees individuals in her studio. Aware that music therapy is not established in Maine, she is part of a State Task Force, led by The American Music Therapy Association, working to achieve state recognition so that music therapy can be integrated into Maine’s healthcare system.

Upcoming events include two presentations at the 2nd Annual Creative Health Conference at USM Gorham on May 30. She will offer: “The Role of Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care” and “Music Improvisation: Deepening Connection to Self and Others.”

Patricia trained at Berklee College of Music, completed her internship with Seasons Hospice of Massachusetts, and obtained certification in Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University.

You can learn more about her and music therapy at her website, www.beyournote.com, and at the website of The American Music Therapy Association at www.musictherapy.org.

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