2015-03-20 / Business

Life Enrichment begins with 8 Dimensions of Wellness at Piper Shores

Independent living residents at Piper Shores are benefiting from a new holistic approach towards wellness. Based on a nationally recognized personal care approach, the Life Enrichment programs seek to balance what is referred to as the “8 Dimensions of Wellness.”

Life Enrichment is dedicated to the belief that when all aspects of a person’s being are engaged and working in balance, the result is a truly fulfilled, engaged and enriching life. Bigger than activities, exercise options, lectures, outings and amenities, Life Enrichment incorporates the emotional, social, spiritual, financial, physical, intellectual, occupational and environmental aspects of a person’s life. Since each aspect of wellness affect overall quality of life, it is important to ensure a healthy balance between each.

“Our goal is that every Piper Shores resident ends their day with the thought that their life is really full,” says Tara Cloutier, Life Enrichment Manager.

Formally initiated in November of 2014, Life Enrichment advances the goals established in Piper Shore’s mission, and aligns the day-today life of each resident with the larger goal of creating a vibrant retirement community.

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