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Great East Dental Associates Accepting New Patients

Dr. Jay Knudsen Dr. Jay Knudsen As experts in dental and oral health, Great East Dental Associates strives to make your smile as healthy and pleasing as possible. Their team of professionals take great care to examine all aspects of each patient’s mouth, oral hygiene routine, and aesthetic goals to determine which treatment is best. Great East Dental Associates utilizes the newest and most modern technologies and concepts available. They provide a soothing environment and their entire team is determined to deliver a superior experience.

Dr. Jay Knudsen is a trained and licensed Doctor of Dental Surgery. Obtaining his degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and then furthering his training as a resident at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dr. Knudsen has committed himself to continuing education Cardiac Life Support, as required by the state of Maine and the American Dental Association when pursuing/holding a license in Sedation Dentistry.

Dr. Knudsen prides himself on performing almost all of his patients’ procedures in From root canal therapy and crowns, to extractions and implants,

Dr. Knudsen reserves referrals for the most complicated cases. “Completing a residency in a city hospital has given me the that most dentists would prefer to refer out. I like my patients to know that I do these procedures myself. In-house.” Some of the other procedures include: bridges, dentures/partials, veneers, bone grafts, oral cancer screenings, periodontal therapy, laser treatments, and much more.

Patients (and Dr. Knudsen) love new technology, especially when it makes treatment faster and less painful. In addition to digital x-rays, Great East Dental Associates employs three lasers in order to laser detects cavities in their earliest stages.

This means that cavities can be treated when they are very small, resulting in the preservation of tooth structure and integrity. This also prevents more elaborate (and often times more expensive) treatment in the future. Another type of laser is used to nonsurgically treat periodontal (gum) disease. Historically, periodontal disease was treated surgically with a scalpel and sutures. Great East Dental Associates has the ability to use a laser to perform nonsurgical periodontal gum an environment for regeneration of the tissues around the teeth that are lost due to periodontal disease. For more information on periodontal disease and laser guided therapy to treat it, visit their website at mainesmiles.com. The third laser is used by Dr. Knudsen to prepare cavities for restoration, oral surgeries like tongue-tie release and tooth lengthening (gingivectomy), as well as ulcer and canker sore treatment and more. “Often times when a patient chooses to have an implant placed, the healing process results in extra gum tissue growing over the surgical site. With the laser, I am able to remove the excess tissue, and place the restored tooth with no anesthesia.”

Dental Implants have been gaining in popularity, and their success rates are excellent. More and more, patients are choosing to save their bone structure and their remaining teeth by having implants placed. Having placed hundreds of implants, Dr. Knudsen most of his patients. At times, bone grafts are needed to secure the placement of the implant. This is usually done at the time the tooth is extracted, when the implant is placed. The patient then returns after a few months of healing to have their crown prepared. In posted tooth that is not removable or bridged to other teeth. It feels and looks like a real tooth, and this is all done in Dr. Knudsen’s

“Saving teeth is what I do. From teaching patients proper hygiene to restoring teeth and bone structure, we are here to help patients save their existing teeth. When teeth are extracted you are prone to bone loss in your jaw, resulting in a change in the shape of your face.” Implants will preserve your bone structure as well as give you a tooth that looks and functions like a real tooth. There is nothing to remove at night or soak or glue. An implant is permanent. everyone. They are, however, expensive. We expect the prices to come down as they become more mainstream, but for those patients that can’t afford implants, we still have many options to help them save their smile. That is what we are here for. Providing options.”

It is the mission of the entire team at Great East Dental Associates to deliver superior service and excellent patient care. Their staff is highly trained and committed to continuing education and patient education. “One of the most overlooked personal care treatments in medicine is dental hygiene. Patients just aren’t coming in for routine teeth cleanings. This leads to major problems. Expensive problems.” The licensed hygienists at Great East Dental Associates are trained to teach patients about oral health and proper hygiene. They screen gum health and look for cavities while they are still small enough to salvage the tooth structure. In order to motivate patients to return for their routine visits, Great East Dental Associates has introduced a pre-payment plan. For those patients that pre-pay for their next visit (even those that are on every three month periodontal treatments), they will receive a discount or free x-rays, whichever is more. “We can’t stress enough how important it is to come in every six months for your cleaning. With oral health being linked to diabetes and heart disease, no one can afford to miss their appointment.” One patient at time, Great East Dental Associates is giving our to make your next appointment or your

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