2015-03-13 / Community

Town announces posted roads

The town of Kennebunk has posted 13 roads, banning all vehicles weighing more than 23,000 pounds from them until April 30.

Designed to protect roads from damage during frost heave season when heavy trucks can hit bumps and break up the pavement, the posting is enforced except when the road is “solidly frozen.” That means the air temperature must be below 32 degrees and no water can be showing in any pavement cracks. Any violation of the ban can draw a fine of “not less than $250,” according to the posting. Town garbage trucks and delivery vehicles for home heating fuel are exempt from the ban.

The posted roads include: Cole Road, Downing Road, Durrells Bridge Road, Harriseckett Road, Heath Road, Middle Road, Mill Street, Old Falls Road, Old Port Road, Perkins Lane, Ross Road, and Thompson Road, as well as Alfred Road from Warrens Way to Cole Road.

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