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BIOS has been helping Mainers weatherize their homes for years

For the last 20 years, BIOS Environments, of Westbrook, has been helping residents and business owners stay warm all winter long through BIOSenergy and rid their homes of asbestos, lead and mold through BIOSafe.

“We provide a full line of insulation and energy reduction services for residential and commercial customers, including cellulose, fiberglass, spray foam insulation and whole house weatherization,” stated Mark Coleman, president of BIOS Environments said of BIOSenergy.

Coleman said it doesn’t matter the age of the house. Even newer homes may need better insulation. In fact, if you are planning on constructing a new home, Coleman recommends giving BIOS Environments a call to see if your insulation package can be upgraded.

“Old and even new housing stock aren’t typically insulated properly,” Coleman said. “Air sealing is rarely done during construction leaving homes to be leaky and prone to heat loss and higher energy bills. Just because someone has a newer home doesn’t mean it is insulated properly.”

Now through the end of March, residents can receive a series of rebates through Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Saving Program. The rebates, Coleman said, vary based on what sort of insulation product you pick and can be bundled for additional savings.

“A $5,000 job,” he said, “can cost you as little as $2,000.”

This causes a win-win situation for the homeowner.

“Not only are you saving money on the job, you are going to save on energy costs,” Coleman said.

Coleman said houses typically lose heat and energy at doors and openings; cracks and mechanical holes created during construction; recessed lighting in the ceiling; attic hatches and attic stairways.

“There are a lot of leaky places in a home and we can address all of those,” Coleman said.

“Although heating costs are low now, that invariably will change,” Coleman said.

“While we are all enjoying low oil costs and low heating costs, it is only a matter of time before it spikes to where it was or even higher,” he said.

“BIOS Environments,” Coleman said, “takes pride in offering “professional and experienced workers in the field and superior foam products.”

“Not only are we experts in building insulation, we are experts in air quality. We have two guys who are Building Professional Institute certified building envelope specialists,” Coleman said.

For more information about BIOS Environements offerings, visit www.biosenv.com or call 854-5262.

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