2015-01-16 / Letters

Check with code enforcement first

To the editor:

“Aquaviva,” water of life, and “A penny saved is a penny earned,” come to mind following recent discussions at Kennebunk Board of Selectmen meetings. Life can get very busy and it seems that some homeowners have forgotten about, or weren’t aware of, or blatantly ignored, town ordinances that are in place to protect citizens and natural resources.

It sure is a great feeling when you know that you’ve saved some money and the natural water and land and air resources that we love in Kennebunk and Maine.

To that end, homeowners, tenants and prospective home buyers, please speak with the town code enforcement officer at the town’s code enforcement office before you start any type of construction work.

Many projects require permits and permit fees. Projects that don’t obtain a required permit can be subject to tear-down costs, attorney fees, and/or fines. Whether your project requires a permit or not, please think about disposing of paints, chemicals, building products, etc. at the town recycling center, and not in your yard, so that we can enjoy the taste of clean drinking water and the sight of clear blue rivers and oceans. Cheers to life.

Kennebunk Conservation
and Open Space Planning Commission

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