2014-12-12 / Community

Town named in settlement request

The town of Arundel has received a $2.5 million request for settlement stemming from a Sept. 24 mutual aid call to a home on Christopher Road in Kennebunk, according to Town Manager Todd Shea.

According to a Nov. 26 letter sent to Arundel and Kennebunk from Saco attorney Eric Cote, his client, David Schulenburg suffered a broken ring finger, a sprained wrist, muscle bruises and “emotional distress” when, as Cote put it, “police broke down David’s door and forcefully removed David from his house and took him against his stated will to the hospital.”

In his notice of tort claim, Cote namechecks Detective David Jamison and Sgt. Darrel Eaton of the Kennebunk Police Department, and Paramedic Nicholas Pelletier and EMT Renald Tardiff.

“The town of Kennebunk and the town of Arundel both go through Trident Insurance. Their attorneys are working to see if there is a way to release any liability on the behalf of the town of Arundel,” said Shea. “They have been given run reports and accounts from the individuals on scene. The attorney believes Kennebunk will be shouldering the burden of this complaint.”

Shea said he met with Trident attorneys as recently as Monday.

“It was a case of mutual aid gone wrong,” he said. “There has been no official court complaint filed at this point in time, this is just a request to settle. Municipalities have a big target on their backs.”

“Not for $2.5 million,” remarked Selectman Thomas Danylik, appearing somewhat nonplussed at the amount claimed in monetary damages. Cote, he pointed out, is a current city councilor and former mayor of Saco.

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