2014-11-21 / Letters

Candidate appreciates voter support

To the editor:

Thank you to the voters of Kennebunk for your expression of support. I promise to reward your trust with my best effort in service to both Kennebunk and the state of Maine.

I also want to congratulate Ed and Susan Karytko for a well-run campaign that drew substantial support from members of our town. The large centrally-located Republican headquarters, Ed’s large sign presence in town, and their hard work, combined with this being an off-year election and new district lines having been drawn, with both parties targeting this open seat, made for a competitive race. I know I feel good about my effort and I hope Ed feels good about his.

I owe many thanks, even some to people who I don’t know well. For those that voted for me, I thank you. For those that greeted me with courtesy at your door, and shared your thoughts, I thank you.

Those who had the courage to place my sign on their lawn deserve a special thanks. And those who volunteered to give me, or the folks at the Democratic headquarters, your time and encouragement, thank you for your civic pride.

My door-to-door campaign helped me to understand the concerns of my fellow Kennebunkers and to renew my appreciation for the good people who make up our community in this special town.

To those who did not support me, I will be your representative, too, and, whether we agree or disagree, I will work to earn your trust.

Many challenges are facing this new 127th citizen-legislature, and we legislators rely on our constituents to help us understand issues and solutions.

I look forward to your help and will read your input with interest.

My email is babbidge@roadrunner.com and will be RepChris.Babbidge@ legislature.maine.gov once I am sworn in on Dec. 3. But first, please accept my gratitude.

I understand the responsibility and feel honored to represent you. Thank you.

Christopher W. Babbidge
House District 8, Kennebunk

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