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Questions ready for town meeting

Dec. 9 special meeting will feature land parcel and mobile vendor issues
By Alex Acquisto
Staff Writer

KENNEBUNK — The town will hold a special town meeting to decide two referendum questions Tuesday, Dec. 9.

The first question would allow the board of selectmen to “deliver a release deed,” or donate a parcel of land off Cole Road to Habitat for Humanity for the purpose of building a single low-income family home, according to the official sample ballot.

In a letter to the town in early July, Stephen Bolton, executive director for York County’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity, told Town Manager Barry Tibbetts, “We believe this would be a wonderful location, as it is close to work opportunities along the Route 1 corridor.”

The second question offers a new version to supplant the previous peddlers and street vendors ordinance, titled “2014 Amendments to the Peddlers and Doorto Door Solicitation Ordinance and the Ordinance Prohibiting Street Vending within the Coastal Residential District.”

The proposed ordinance was reconfigured after the Waterhouse Center opened in downtown Kennebunk. The town placed a moratorium on mobile vendors at the open-air pavilion, which includes space around the perimeter for mobile vendors, until a new amendment was drafted.

“We’re just anticipating that it’s going to be a success and we want to make sure that the functioning of those food vendors in that area would work with the layout that’s there,” Tibbetts said in September.

The amended ordinance would still require street vendors to obtain a victualer license in the Waterhouse Center Zone, which extends 350 feet from each side of the center.

Street vendor licenses may only be “issued for the sale of food items only, and those food items shall be primarily intended to be consumed at the time of purchase,” according to the revised ordinance.

Those selling items other than food would be required to get a peddler’s license. Licenses must be renewed each year.

Exceptions to the ordinance will be made during community and holiday events, such as Harvest Fest, Winter Fest, May Day and Old Home Week, as well as the farmers market and the Kennebunk Downtown Artisans’ and Crafters’ Market. The exceptions will require annual approval from a selectmen sub committee.

If the ordinance passes, no more than four spots for street vendors would be allowed each year.

Those vendors would be selected through a public lottery administered by the town. The ordinance would also permit a “number” of peddlers’ licenses each year. The number would be determined by the board of selectmen before its first meeting in February.

The ordinance also leaves room to reserve one spot for a nonprofit street vendor or peddler in the Waterhouse Center Zone, chosen by the selectmen sub-committee. The designation of vendors around the Waterhouse Center would take place no later than Feb. 1.

Hours for vendors at the Waterhouse Center would be from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, as long as vendors adhere to the town’s noise control ordinance. Each cart is required to meet state and national fire, safety and health codes.

If the ordinance passes, interested vendors or peddlers should apply for a license and/or a spot in the Waterhouse Center Zone through the town clerk, Merton Brown, or the town manager, Barry Tibbetts.

The polls will be open at town hall from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.kennebunkmaine.us.

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