2014-10-24 / Letters

Maine House candidate is dedicated resident

To the editor:

I am writing today to let people know that a good friend of mine has stepped up to run for the Maine House of Representatives. If you have not yet had an opportunity to meet Ed Karytko, please allow me the pleasure of introducing this impressive gentleman to you.

Ed’s appreciation for community and his dedication to public service arise from what I view as a responsibility to protect our friends and neighbors. These are tough times for our state and for our country, and I know that we can count on Ed to make measured, thoughtful decisions for our community. He continues to have the best interests of our children’s future in mind as he makes his decisions.

Ed tirelessly volunteers to support our local nonprofits in so many ways. As a veteran and longtime resident of Kennebunk, he jumps in to serve our town wherever he can. This dedication will travel with him to Augusta.

I hope that you will consider joining me in support of Ed Karytko, a truly gentle man and a responsible choice for our community. Ed can be counted on to put us first in Augusta. Enjoy this beautiful season.

Joan Dawson

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