2014-10-24 / Community

Library announces featured artist

During the month of November, “Nature At Its Best,” the works of Karen Gosselin- Diebolt will be on display in the Speers Gallery located in Hank’s Room at Kennebunk Free Library.

Gosselin-Diebolt’s works are in mixed media, using oil on canvas, wooden plaques, wooden boxes and accent furniture. She started to dabble with painting years ago but then forgot about it, starting up again just over a year ago.

“Partaking in my husband’s interest with the outdoors and studying nature, painting landscapes is a perfect fit,” Gosselin-Diebolt said. “I try to bring the splendor and beauty of nature indoors through my paintings, but if you like what you see in my works, spend some time outdoors and enjoy, “Nature At Its Best” firsthand.

A reception in the Speers Gallery is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1.

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