2014-10-17 / Letters

Don’t repeat mistakes that other states have made

To the editor:

The tragic news last week from New Jersey about the death of a Rutgers University student was sad beyond belief. Something that could have been prevented, instead led to an unthinkable, tragic end.

A student, who was out for a hike with friends, was stalked and killed by a 300-pound black bear. This is a horrific conclusion to a number of human bear incidents in New Jersey over the past few years and has led to outcries by residents and editorial boards for the bear hunt to be reinstated.

The state of New Jersey had banned the effective practices used for bear hunting several years ago. This has led to an explosion in the bear population to levels that the biologists have warned is dangerous.

Reports from New Jersey also tell us that their bear population no longer fears humans and views them as a food source instead of a threat. While the yes side would like you to believe that they are teddy bears, Mainers need to remember one thing: black bears are predators.

While biologists in New Jersey have been asking to reinstate the bear hunt, the Humane Society, in a bizarre effort to avoid a hunt, has reportedly suggested that the bears be injected with heavy metals in an attempt to sterilize them. This outrageous suggestion was quickly dismissed by biologists because there are no studies or science to support it. The same group that uses hyperbole to describe the baiting of bears in Maine and is counting doughnuts in the woods, wants to inject the bears with heavy metals. It is clear what they are really against.

Let’s not make the same mistake other states have made. Vote no on Question 1 Nov. 4 and allow our state’s biologists to manage our bear population.

Mike Mosher

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