2014-08-29 / Letters

Supermarket rises to the challenge

To the editor:

I write to praise and thank all the employees and managers at the Hannaford supermarket on Route 1 in Kennebunk. I have shopped at this store since the day it opened and always thought it was a great store. I didn’t realize just how great it is until the recent events at the supermarket just north of us experienced some difficulties.

The folks at Hannaford have done a fantastic job taking up the slack and providing magnificent service to the community.

They have managed to keep the shelves full and straight, the employees brighteyed, cordial and professional and the store squeaky clean.

They are true professionals. They have added personnel where and when needed and have added additional equipment in places like the deli counter to deal with the additional demand.

I can only imagine the extra effort and hard work to keep up this pace week after week but they do it with a smile – always courteous and professional.

To all the folks at Hannaford I give my thanks for serving our community so well.

Jim Martin

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