2014-08-15 / Letters

Patrons appreciate Minerva system

To the editor:

My husband and I have enjoyed Minerva since the first day we got our new Kennebunk Free Library cards.

Thanks to all the staff, who have worked many long hard hours to make the transition from a standalone library to a statewide resource of books, tapes DVDs and much more.

The library has always been a most valuable service in town and now, with the new Minerva system in place, all patrons’ library satisfaction is increased by libraries with the Minerva system throughout our state who share their resources with us.

We appreciate how easy it is to use Minerva’s site.

It took only minutes to understand the changes in use of our new library cards, explained to us in simple words by patient staff; also we feel heartfully compelled to shout, “Hurrah Kennebunk Free Library” for putting in place Minerva with its security system, which is so important in this day of techie snoops on the prowl. We, each and every one of us, are aware of how important security is in this technological age.

My husband and I immediately exchanged our wallet library cards to benefit from the feature that allows us to pick up items the other has requested, saving both of us a lot of hassle. That is such a thoughtful feature.

The small key ring card is handy and always with us.

Who knows when the impulse will hit (which it frequently does) to visit our wonderful library, benefit from the wealth of the information, be it in the reference room/sit in comfy reading chairs with newspaper/roam the stacks, even order books on loan using iPads and Kennebunk Free Library’s free WiFi in year-round comfort.

Cannot say thanks enough, Kennebunk Free Library.

My husband would agree that those patrons, who have as yet to get their new cards, be encouraged to hurry in so they can also experience the merit in Minerva and expand their horizons.

It is an honor to the town of Kennebunk, by the way, to be selected to have Minerva here at last.

E. Mae Martel

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