2014-08-15 / Letters

Good riddance to hotel plan

To the editor:

Your Aug. 8 headline says it all: “Harbor Hotel Plans Pulled: Lower Village residents greet proposal with overwhelming opposition.”

It was the strong voice of the people that gave the coup de grĂ¢ce to the contract zone proposal to put a large hotel smack in the middle of the Coastal Residential and Shoreland Overlay Protection Zones.

It is the people who live here who possess the hindsight to know where we’ve been, the foresight to know where we are going and the insight to know when a proposal has gone too far.

Although this Trojan horse should never have been allowed out of the barn, its brief gallop through the village did permit all to see – unlike Lady Godiva’s ride – how ugly and grotesque that Trojan horse really was.

Robert F. Lyons
Lower Village Kennebunk

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