2014-08-15 / Letters

Another summer with construction

To the editor:

The traffic snarl caused by the latest beautification (renovation) project is just another ridiculous and unnecessary trial for the folks of Kennebunk. This is the third year of presenting Kennebunk as a business-friendly community and killing summer business for all the owners on Main Street and beyond. Could this not have taken place in September when the traffic dies down a bit?

I know from what I speak, as I had a business on Main Street for years. The struggle then was to attract folks to downtown and we tried everything. In spite of the newly formed Downtown Improvement Committee, we actually managed (through the influence of our friend, Mr. Hartley Lord) to install white fairy lights on the trees on Main Street to perk up the holidays. Guess the townies liked it, because they’ve been expanded, and have been in place for many years.

If this were a Stephen King novel, the town manager, and planner as well, would have had their faces eaten off by the aspiring businesses, clinging to hope every summer, only to be thwarted by yet another town project.

The sign is now up, “Construction is over. Thank you for your patience.” But the town cannot so easily recover from another summer setback.

The huge arcade-like monstrosity (skating pavilion) is not a charmer, either, but the reconstruction goes on and on. I certainly appreciated the old small town of Kennebunk, not this version of Disneyland East that has been pushed through. Is there anyone who feels the same?

Patricia Frost

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