2014-08-08 / Community

Landing School names new president

The Landing School’s Board of Trustees announced that it has named the fourth president of the Landing School. Dr. Richard J. Schuhmann, a former student at The Landing School and currently a senior lecturer and program manager at MIT, will begin as The Landing School’s next president on Sept. 1.

Schuhmann was appointed on the unanimous recommendation of the board of trustees. He will succeed Bob DeColfmacker, who intends to retire while continuing to advise the school on strategy and major projects.

Schuhmann, 54, joined MIT in September 2012 as a senior lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program, where he also served as the program manager of engineering leadership programs for early and mid-career professionals. He supervised graduate hydrologic research at MIT, assisting the Red Cross in the development of a flood early warning system for residents in the Manafwa River Basin in Uganda.

Outside of MIT, Schuhmann has been active as a consultant for the U.S. State Department, promoting innovation and engineering enterprise development in North Africa.

Before his appointment at MIT, he spent 15 years at Penn State University, where he was a faculty member in civil and environmental engineering, sciencetechnology and-society, and engineering design, and director of engineering lLeadership from 2005-2012.

The president-elect and his wife, Colleen, an environmental engineer, live in Littleton, Massachusetts, but plan to move to Maine.

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