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Beneficiary was one of mother’s favorite causes

To the editor:

This letter is in response to a letter by Janet McLaughlin that appeared May 15. The writer stated that it was inappropriate for the beneficiary of my brother’s annual pig roast at Lafayette Park, part of the May Day Festival events, to be the Animal Welfare Society.

My brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Gisele Nedeau, of Ned’s Bakes and BBQ, are asked to participate in May Day, and since it’s a community event, each year they donate the proceeds to one of our late mother’s (Charlotte Swett Nedeau Wormwood) favorite causes.

This year they chose the Animal Welfare Society, since mom was a regular contributor, and even sponsored a kennel. In past years the beneficiaries have included the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Alumni Association Scholarship Fund and the town’s fuel assistance program.

This doesn’t have to be a nonprofit event, they do it out of love for mom, and our hometown. I’m sorry if Ms. McLaughlin felt it was inappropriate, but seriously, get a life. We won’t try to tell you how to honor your mother’s memory, or how to appropriately do so.

In the future please don’t pass judgment on something you see in the paper before you know the entire story. To suggest that this was on par with auctioning children and donating the proceeds to the Child Abuse Council is beyond ridiculous.

Would you have thought it was OK if AWS were there themselves selling hot dogs and hamburgers? The AWS does a fantastic job rescuing, sheltering and finding homes for unwanted companion animals, but companion animals aren’t the same as animals raised for food. Unless you are 100 percent vegan Ms. McLaughlin, you are being hypocritical.

I’m beyond proud of my brother and what he does for nonprofit groups in this town.

Mary Nedeau

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