2014-05-23 / Business

Fun Summer Camp for High School Credit at The New School, Kennebunk

The New School’s Summer Camp is offering fun summer classes for grades 6 and up, as well as adults. The classes are all for credit so if your son or daughter needs high school credits, this is a fun way to do it. Three very creative classes run Monday through Friday from 9:30-3:00 for two weeks (July 14-25). Photography with Michael Wilson focuses on “Learning to See Through a Lens” during week one. Week two introduces “Digital Photo Editing Software”. In Kristen Fitzpatrick’s Printmaking class, students will experiment with various types of printmaking, including trace monotype, silkscreen monotype, and collagraph on translucent Japanese paper and add wire or glass sculptures to the prints. In “Short and Sweet: Stories, Poetry and Song” Grace Kitteredge will teach ways to convey complex storytelling in just a few verses, stanzas or paragraphs. Finally,

Aikido with Ron Houle teaches the principles of mind -body integration, loving protection for self and others, and self defense that is not based on competition, hitting, or kicking. Students will also learn coping skills and meditation to deal with internal and external stress. Aikido is practiced in a spirit of joy and happiness. FMI call 985- 3745. The New School 38 York St. (Rt. 1) Kennebunk

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