2014-05-16 / Letters

Pig roast fundraiser inappropriate

To the editor:

While perusing the schedule of Kennebunk’s May Day activities, I was dumbfounded to learn that Ned’s Lobster Bake and Barbecue would be sponsoring a pig roast with proceeds to benefit Animal Welfare Society. What?

Am I the only one who sees the sad irony and absurdity of holding such an event for an organization whose mission it is to protect animals? The Animal Welfare Society has an excellent and well-deserved reputation for the good work that it has done on behalf of animals for many years. I hope that it will refuse to accept funds from, or be associated with, any event which, by its very nature, involves the death of an animal. Shame on whoever thought a pig roast to benefit this nonprofit was a good idea. Perhaps next May Day you would enjoy participating in an Auction of Children to benefit the Child Abuse Prevention Council for York County or a controversial book burning bonfire to benefit Kennebunk Free Library. Sheesh.

Janet McLaughlin

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