2014-05-16 / Letters

Maine deserves a ‘caring gardener’

To the editor:

I recently learned a little known secret about gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud. He likes to garden. I was surprised until I started thinking about the qualities of a good gardener.

A gardener should:

Be patient and not expect miracles overnight;

Not be afraid to get his hands dirty or do the heavy lifting to improve the landscape;

Be nurturing and caring to cultivate exceptional outcomes;

Work hard to make everything grow and flourish.

I realized I had also just described the qualities of a good governor.

Mike would demonstrate the patience to work with everyone regardless of party, a work ethic in which hard work is all part of the job, a nurturing, caring demeanor free of hostility and a vision for real growth in Maine.

After four years of negativity and destruction, Maine deserves a constant, caring gardener. Maine deserves Mike Michaud.

Diane Denk

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