2014-05-16 / Letters

Kudos to home’s architect

Although I was taken aback by the look of the new house being built on the Kennebunk Beach, I want to say kudos to the architect and the homeowner.

Why conform to the same old beachside home that already exist. Most of the homes on the beach area were regular ranches and overbuilt into some monstrosity on a tiny bit of land.

Has anyone noticed that care was taken in placing this home on the lot so that the abutting neighbors behind them still get a beautiful view of the ocean? Yes, they could have put another run of the mill seaside home, but it most likely would have blocked the view of the neighbor behind them. Ever travel to any other part of the U.S.? California and Florida beachside homes all look like this one. The town doesn’t have to approve the look, only the height and building requirements. And for the record this is not in Kennebunkport as stated by a letter in the May 2 edition, but Kennebunk. Our town is different. Please don’t classify only one type of beachside home that should be in our town. All beachside homes should be welcome. The owners paid good money for that lot and should be left alone of everyone’s ideas of how things should be. If you wanted to see something different you should have purchased the land that was for sale for well over a year if not more and built what you thought should be there.

Jennifer Smith

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