2014-05-02 / Letters

Proposed school budget ‘only the beginning’

To the editor:

Last January an overwhelming number of voters sent an unmistakable message to RSU 21 board members that the majority of voting taxpayers can no longer afford the steady increase in our tax bills, created predominately by RSU 21 and their never-ending list of wants

An increase of 5.23 percent with the proposed budget for fiscal year 2015, set at $39,182,306, tells me that either RSU 21 board members did not listen to the voters in January, did not understand the voters, or chose to just ignore those voters.

A 5.23 percent increase is huge and not within the financial means of many of our hard-working citizens

Professional development for teachers at Kennebunk High School, which includes an increase in training and travel that pertains to proficiency-based education, is high on the district’s want list.

I haven’t been able to travel for years because my taxes are too high. I cannot believe that excellent training, minus the expensive travel, is not available locally or on the Internet.

Do not forget that the proposed RSU 21 operating budget, for voting this coming May, is only the beginning.

They will be back in March of next year to put a cap on the high-school-only portion of the renovation project at $42 million. Added to that figure will be the renovation cost totals for Mildred L. Day and Consolidated schools.

Our current RSU 21 board refuses to listen to many of those who elected them, and in my opinion some replacements are needed. I am unable to attend the RSU 21 public meeting on May 5, but if I could be there I would ask, ‘Why can’t a goodsized portion of the $649,000, given back to RSU 21 by the state this past year, be used to lower our taxes rather than to create more expenses?’

I will be at the polls in May to vote no on the RSU 21 proposed budget for 2014-15.

Please join me in stopping this runaway spending by our current RSU 21 board.

Sue Walker

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