2014-05-02 / Letters

Last few years ‘have been rough’ on town

To the editor:

Our family has been visiting Kennebunk several times a year for at least four decades. We like the town, the beaches, nature and its general way of life.

The last few years have been rough on Kennebunkport: Mega and over-designed homes on tiny lots (e.g. the development around the Seaside) and now this monstrosity on Middle Beach.

There are several issues here:

1. Is there no planning staff in city hall? If so, one should look at favors given and received for the approval of this design.

2. Have the owners ever “lived Kennebunkport” and do they know that this is not Texas.

3. The architect obviously never looked at the surrounding structures and locations and his/her credentials should be verified.

4. In a way, the foolish owners of the house behind who subdivided their lot just got what they deserve so justice is done.

Georges Clermont
Dunrobin, Ontario

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