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Committee submits revised comp plan

By Alex Acquisto
Staff Writer

ARUNDEL — The Comprehensive Plan Committee finalized a revised version of the town’s comprehensive plan last Tuesday. The changes reflect the town’s desire to be approachable to more commercial ventures in areas that now have limited zoning for business.

The two downtown business districts would be “concentrated primarily on Route 1 with two mixed-use districts at the southern end and another smaller mixed-use district at the northern end,” said Chairman Donna der Kinderen at Tuesday’s meeting.

In all, the committee proposes five new mixed-use districts with the intention “to accommodate a blend of business residential and community uses, although the standards will differ among the five mixeduse districts,” der Kinderen said.

According to the town document, the following mixed-use districts are being added: Downtown Business district 1 and 2 would be at the southern end of the Route 1 corridor; the Gateway District would be at the northern end of the Route 1 corridor; Town House Corner district would be located at the nexus of Arundel Road, Log Cabin Road and Sinnott Road; and the Arundel Road District would be at the eastern end of Route 111.

Town-designated districts, including Highway Commercial, Community Commercial North and South would be replaced with Downtown Business District 1 and 2.

A use for DB 1, in the revised version of the comprehensive plan, includes the permitting of “20,000-square-foot scale rental, office and service uses as well as community uses. Residential uses, both single and multi-family, that are part of a mixed-use project will be permitted, but new residential subdivisions, as defined by state statute, and family lot divisions will be excluded,” according to Volume 1.

DB 2, located on the land behind DB 1, would “encourage more intensive commercial and institutional uses than DB 1.”

In addition to offering community uses, DB 2 will “permit small, medium, and large (100,000 square feet) scale wholesale retail, office and service uses and low-impact manufacturing.”

In the town’s future land use portion of the comprehensive plan, the committee added, “The Route 1 corridor will continue to be the commercial spine of the community with a focus on developing the southern end as a local commercial center and the northern end as a business/industrial area.”

The Town House Corner,was established at the intersection of Arundel Road, Log Cabin Road and Sinnott Road to permit “small scale retail, office, service and community uses as well as multi-family dwellings.”

The Gateway District would “permit small to medium scale wholesale, retail, office and service uses as well as community uses and low-impact manufacturing.” Single and multifamily residential uses would be permitted, and single-family subdivisions would be excluded, according to the town document.

Guidelines for the new districts require future business and residential development to “reflect the character” of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Many of implementation plan’s general goals, according to the document, however, remain the same, including: “enhance Arundel’s sense of community,” and “maintain the rural character of the majority of town,” and “protect the town’s rural scenic areas.”

The town must approve changes to the comprehensive plan before they can be enacted. A public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 13 at Mildred L. Day School.

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