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Malon Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Malon, Dr. Deletetsky and Debbi- Jo Harvey, PT combine to form the only interdisciplinary chiropractic and physical therapy practice in the state of Maine. Dr. Malon and Dr. Deletetsky specialize in the treatment and management of nonsurgical and post-surgical spine conditions along with non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions involving the extremities.

Debbi-Jo Harvey, PT brings 25 years of clinical experience in physical therapy to the practice and has specialized experience and unparalleled training in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

Our approach is individualized for each patient with the understanding that not all patients and conditions respond the same. Whether it takes a couple of visits or several weeks of visits or an immediate referral to another provider, we are dedicated to helping the patient find resolution as quickly as possible. We are familiar and conversant with the benefits of other non-manual modalities to include medications, injections and surgery. Dr. Malon, Dr. Deletetsky and Debbi-Jo Harvey, PT are committed to integrative patient centered care with a focus on outcomes and are dedicated to earning the trust and confidence of every patient and every provider involved in that patient’s care.

Marc. G. Malon, D.C., F.I.C.C.

Seth Deletetsky, D.C.

Debbi-Jo Harvey, PT

Call 283-0104 or www.malonchiro.com

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