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History of Hair Removal Primitive Compared To Today

Throughout history humans have been involved in removing their body hair. Sometimes for health and safety reasons, or because of social norms. Hair removal can be a component of religious beliefs, social pressures, and political identification.The following time line illustrates that hair removal crosses all cultures and genders. 100,000 B.C. -Archeologists agree that Neanderthal men pulled their hair out with their fingers, or used two shells together forming the first ‘tweezers’. 30,000 B.C. - Prehistoric man used flint to shave the hair off their body. 4,000-3,000 B.C.-In ancient Egypt, both men and women removed all their body hair most likely to protect against infestations of parasites. They used a compound of arsenic and quicklime.3,000 B.C.- The technological feat of copper metallurgy produced ‘razors’ in India and Egypt. Shaving became the preferred method of hair removal.1500-1200 B.C.-Archeologists find ‘razors’ in what is now Sweden and Norway. 500 B.C. - Alexander the Great and women in Greece singed the hair off of the bodies. 60 B.C. - Ancient Egyptian women begin using a process called sugaring to remove hair and they also developed a skill to use thread to remove hair. These methods are still in use today. Middle Ages-women singed and used abrasives to remove body hair. At that time in history, it was believed that obvious body hair was a sign that the woman was a witch! Depilatories were made from cat dung and vinegar.1500-The Aztecs used volcanic obsidian glass to shave their body hair.1600-Women in Europe plucked their faces, foreheads, and eyebrows, following the trend of Queen Elizabeth. Early 1800’s-Women continue to use depilatories and tweezing.1875- Electrolysis was developed for permanent removal of eyelashes, and is still in use today 1915-Harper’s magazine publishes photos of women in sleeveless dresses and free of underarm hair. This is when western women began to shave in earnest. The aggravation of dealing with unwanted hair can be relieved by Electrolysis. It is safe, works on all hair color/skin colors, and the skin improves over time as the hair follicles are ‘disarmed’ of their DNA. Judy Worcester of Biddeford Electrolysis is proud to be trusted by people to rid them of bothersome hair. Call Judy at 205-2146 to schedule a consultation. www.biddefordelectrolysis.com

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