2014-04-18 / Business

Are You Frowning because of Ill-Fitting Dentures?

Everybody ready? OK, listen..... Let’s hear that again..... You heard right. It’s the sound of smiling. When we smile, we don’t make any noise, yet we sure can say a lot. If you’re a denture wearer and not smiling right now, is it because ill-fitting dentures aren’t allowing you to smile?

We, at Denture Solutions in Kennebunk know that the lower denture can be a source of frustration for many people. We can implement an augmentation to a lower denture that takes advantage of all anatomy available in the lower jaw. The result is a denture that feels like it anchors to your jaw without the aid of implants! This technique gives a snug fit, which means you can add your favorite foods back into your diet and you’ll find your face smiling and laughing again. OK, so it’s not plastic surgery, but with proper fitting and stable dentures, you will improve your appearance because your teeth feel like they belong in your mouth. Your smile will be natural and bright and will speak volumes. Not ready for new dentures? Relines may be an alternative solution. We can do that “while you wait” in about an hour. For that bright smile and proper fitting dentures, give Denture Solutions a call at 207 985 0210. You can also get more information at www.DentureSolutionsMaine.com

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