2014-04-11 / Community

Pecha Kucha seeks presenters

Pecha Kucha Kennebunk is looking for presenters for the next event, May 8 at River Tree Arts. Submissions must include name, profession, telephone number, two to five images work (saved as a jpg, each image maximum size: 1280×768), biographical information about and presentation information. Please email all submissions to pechakucha.kennebunk@gmail.com.

Pecha Kucha nights are informal and fun gatherings for creative people to share ideas, work and thoughts, often with wildly diverse subjects from finding a muse, to clothespins, to the art of creating a wedding cake. Stories are told using a rapid-pace presentation format of 20 images, 20 seconds each.

For more information, email Linda Ward at leeward@roadrunner.com.

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