2014-02-21 / Letters

What conservatives really want for RSU 21

To the editor:

Despite the Johnny-come-lately attempts by conservatives to identify with our students and their needs, it is difficult to take them seriously.

The real purpose of their arguments is to present a plan which allows for two or three schools to be closed, forcing those students and some, but not all, teachers and staff to be relocated to some mythical new school, or perhaps an old, already built facility.

They are not really interested in spending on renovations or upgrades to the schools. And what kind of school would a new school be?

Would it have modern science labs, stateof the-art athletic facilities, computers for every student? Or would all of this be subject to endless discussion rather than being decided by architects, school boards, and teachers?

The opponents of the school referenda stated they wanted more cuts, but some have already suggested, via social media, that they want even more reductions, indicating a desire to close schools no matter who suffers.

The rationale for doing this is variously presented as tax saving and cost saving for the towns involved. But the real desire behind all these machinations is to reduce the number of teachers in the system, thereby saving money on their salaries. After all, they don’t really work that hard, getting two or three months off every year, and receiving fabulous salaries and pensions in the bargain.

The most appalling aspect is the insistence by a few that some members of the board of RSU 21 should be fired for imaginary misdeeds. The vitriol with which some school board members have been attacked is shameful, and unworthy of an informed citizenry.

These attacks are filled with innuendo and insult; they are like the witch-hunts and red-baiting of the 1950s, and represent nothing more than cowardly attempts to influence opinion.

Bevan Davies

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