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Payroll Matters! You Take Care Of Your Business They’ll Take Care Of The Checks Don’t let debt sneak up on you

When everything is going well, you’ll appreciate how smoothly Lucille Bousquet and her staff at Payroll Matters/ Data Rite of Maine do their work. You call in the information for your payroll they figure out the taxes etc and prepare the checks or direct deposits on time and everything is simple.

The bottom line is this-- Payroll Matters can process your payroll in much less time then if you prepared it yourself. You take care of business; they’ll take care of your payrolls. And since they are a local company, they will be there to work with you as they have been for the last 25 years.

Call Payroll Matters at (207) 283-9062 or 1-800-977-9062.

Located at 301 Main Street Saco, Maine 04072.

Steering clear of debt is a goal for many men and women, but wanting to avoid debt and avoiding debt are two different things. Some people accumulate debt when they lose their jobs, while others rack up large credit card bills because they simply can't curtail their spending habits. Each of these scenarios can be avoided, as there are many precautions men and women can take to ensure they are not victimized by consumer debt.

* Create an emergency fund. Layoffs or other unforeseen issues that threaten your income can wreak havoc on your finances, especially if you did not have an emergency fund to handle such situations. When beginning an emergency fund, contribute as much as you can and do so on a schedule, making deposits once a week or once every two weeks depending on when you get paid. A good rule of thumb is to have several months' salary set aside in your emergency fund, but don't feel intimidated when starting from scratch.

* Pay off your balances before making any additional purchases. Using credit cards can positively impact your credit rating, but only if you're paying off your balance in full each month and not maxing out your cards. To avoid debt sneaking up on you, be sure to pay each balance in full each month. If you have any remaining balance from last month, do not use your card to make any new purchases until that initial balance has been paid in full. If your balance is never paid in full but you keep using your cards, then your debts will only increase as you continue to pay interest charges.

* Cut back on expenses. If your monthly expenses are out of hand, you're more likely to fall into debt. Though it requires sacrifice, cut back on any nonessential expenses, such as premium cable channels or nights out on the town. The financial freedom and peace of mind that results from such sacrifices is far more valuable than the expenses you had to cut back on.

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