2014-01-17 / Letters

Involvement of citizens is appreciated

To the editor:

Much has been said and written about the school renovations, and I have been graced by the many who have listened, agreed or disagreed. I want to take the time, while we await the outcome, to say thank you for all the citizen participation over the past three-plus years. Thousands of hours have been spent on this project. Hundreds of meetings have been attended by members of the RSU 21 board, and committee upon committee have been involved. Many subcommittees have worked to address thousands of questions. Many of our neighbors both for and against, friend and foe, have attended meetings, presentations, reviews and debated the merits of this work.

Citizens, please join us in expressing our thanks for the role models of our communities. Our children should be proud of the efforts of the district to address the needs we face.

Tom Couming

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