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Residents favor new town hall

By Alex Acquisto
Staff Writer

ARUNDEL — A town-wide survey shows that Arundel residents who responded are in favor of building a new town hall.

In early December the town disseminated a one-page survey to residents with specific questions about a new town hall. Questions such as, “Do you feel that the town hall should provide meeting space and room for voting that does not rely on other entities (RSU 21, fire department) to accommodate these needs?” and “In the long term where do you believe the best location of a new town hall should be?”

Approximately 110 people responded: 75 voted in favor of building a town hall, 33 voted against it and one person was unsure.

“It’s a very small sampling of the community at large, but it is hopeful,” Town Manager Todd Shea told the board of selectmen on Monday, Jan. 13. “Really we were just trying to take the pulse of the community.”

Of the four possible town hall locations listed (Limerick Road, Bergeron Drive/ Mountain Road, Route. 111 and Route 1), residents favored Limerick Road.

Residents were given four options for construction costs ranging from less than $1 million to between $2 and $2.5 million. Shea reported that the bulk of residents who responded—approximately 65—favored between $1 and $2 million to be allocated for a new town hall.

Ryan Senatore and Will Conway of Sebago Technics have been working with the town to determine which parcel of land would work best.

“That will be the next step in moving forward,”

Shea said, “to take the preliminary plans to a town meeting.”

Senatore and Conway are also working on preliminary building layouts, which will be presented – along with their recommendation for which parcel of land the town should utilize – at the Jan. 27 selectmen’s meeting.

Completed surveys are still filtering in, Shea told the selectmen.

“When it comes time to put money where their mouths are, we’ll see,” Shea said of residents. “It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it gives us an idea.”

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