2014-01-17 / Community

Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast planned

Maureen Gill, local historian and author, will speak on the topic “An Equal Opportunity Slave Master” at the 12th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Kennebunk at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 20.

Open to the public, the event will feature the First Parish choir. Breakfast will be served. Tickets are available by visiting the church office or by calling 985-3700.

Dr. King’s work holds continuing relevance today, Gill said, in a nation “where racial slavery and racial oppression have been replaced with economic slavery that knows no color or ethnicity.” In her remarks Gill will discuss how “American laws and practices are now methodically producing – and have been producing for approximately 40 years – a grinding, oppressive, economic neo-slavery that knows no racial bounds.”

Trained in history at Loyola University in Chicago, Gill has special expertise in racism, anti-semitism and sexual oppression, as well as the policies and laws that impact healthcare, minorities and maternal/child health.

Gill has published more than 100 nonfiction articles concerning historical and contemporary political issues in various print and online newspapers and magazines, including LGBTQNation.com, OutServe Magazine, OEN, and local and national newspapers.

Gill’s first novel, “January Moon” has earned her comparisons to Michael Connolly and James Patterson. She is currently finishing two other novels due for publication this year.

Since moving to Maine from Chicago several years ago, Gill has worked with various local groups to help find viable and continuing solutions to chronic hunger in Maine. She also volunteers in fundraising efforts for the breast care center at Southern Maine Medical Center.

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