2014-01-17 / Business

Every moment is a “new year.”

Every moment we have the choice to do -- or not do -- something to improve our lives. The choice can be related to any aspect of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It might concern food, weight, activity, work, relationships ... the list is endless. And within each endless list are more possibilities.

This business about New Year’s Resolutions beginning on January 1st is pure convenience. Setting a date for goals -- such as a “quit date” for stopping smoking, can definitely be helpful; however, missing that date does not mean it’s too late. We just choose another date. Pick a date, any date. Better yet, pick a moment, any moment.

In my work with clients, I help them set reasonable attainable goals. And then we work together through successes and setbacks . . . one moment at a time. _______________________________________________________ Ceci Haynsworth, APRN, CNS, is a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist who offers counseling and coaching broadly focused on health, wellness, and choices, at Conversations About Health, in Portland. You can contact her at 846-0191, or through her website: www.conversationsabouthealth.me.

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